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2019/01/26 2019/01/26 The Stage (Besançon) #335697 https://lescenacle.fr/
2019/01/25 2019/01/25 Jazz cellar (Delle) #335697 https://www.delle-animation.com/cinema/event/1039-damien-groleau-trio
2019/01/17 2019/01/17 French Institute of Algiers #335697 https://www.if-algerie.com/alger/agenda-culturel/liste-evenements?thematique=arts-de-la-scene
2018/12/27 2018/12/27 Tandem Besançon Matanzas! #335697
2018/12/16 2018/12/16 Besançon (Christmas market) #335697
2018/10/01 2018/10/01 Xian (China) #335697
2016/09/13 2016/09/13 Sunside #335697 http://www.sunset-sunside.com/
2016/06/15 2016/06/15 Issy les moulineaux #335697 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.630810017087308.1073741830.221765721325075&type=3
2016/03/26 2016/03/26 La Fraternelle, Saint Claude Jazz Club, Jura #335697 http://www.maisondupeuple.fr/
2015/11/14 2015/11/14 Edwige Feuillère Theater in Vesoul #335697 http://www.theatre-edwige-feuillere.fr/
2015/10/05 2015/10/05 Scénacle (Besançon) #335697 https://lescenacle.fr/
2015/09/12 2015/09/12 Gaëtan Leroux piano shop #335697 http://www.gaetanleroux.com/
2014/09/14 2014/09/14 The Marulaz #335697 http://www.lemarulaz.com/le-marulaz/
2014/09/13 2014/09/13 Cirque Plume House #335697 http://www.cirqueplume.com/
2014/07/06 2014/07/06 The Flagey Farm #335697 http://www2.doubs.fr/courbet/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4&Itemid=4
2014/07/05 2014/07/05 Art Zone #335697 http://www.zone-art.org/
2014/07/04 2014/07/04 Trou Au Loup #335697 http://www.trou-au-loup.com/
2014/05/31 2014/05/31 Blue House of Strasbourg #335697 http://www.lamaisonbleue-stbg.com/
2014/01/31 2014/01/31 Café International in Besançon #335697 http://www.crous-besancon.fr/service/cafe-international/
2013/03/08 2013/03/08 Les Citoyens Clandestins bookseller in Besançon #335697 http://citoyensclandest.canalblog.com/
2013/01/13 2013/01/13 Silex (Auxerre) #335697 http://www.lesilex.fr/
2012/03/16 2012/03/16 The Fraternal (Saint-Claude) #335697 http://www.maisondupeuple.fr/
2011/07/22 2011/07/22 Jazz club The Blujazz in Singapore #335697 http://www.blujazcafe.net/
2011/03/31 2011/03/31 Bacchus Theater in Besançon #335697
2010/12/15 2010/12/15 Nikko Hotel (San Francisco, United States) #335697

album Live à la fraternelle

Live à la fraternelle - Album cover

Produced by Little Big Music

Damien Groleau "Live at the Fraternal"
In trio with double bass player Sylvain Dubrez and drummer Nicolas Gruppv

Damien Groleau

Damien Groleau is a French pianist, flautist and composer, born in 1983 in Besançon. Very quickly propelled into the professional world, he proved himself alongside musicians from around the world: Anouar Brahem, François Couturier, Guy Nwogang (Manu Dibango), Kayou Roots, Larry Grenadier, Orlando Poléo, Orlando Maraca Valle, Aurélie & Vérioca, Julio Gonsalvès (Marcio Faraco), Naomi Kumamoto, Eduardo Neves (Hermeto Pascoal), Sergio Valdoes, Sandro Quispe, Franck Wolf, Royce Campbell, David Drubin, Marcel Loeffler ...

He has already traveled the world with his projects: French West Indies, Tunisia, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, United States, Singapore, Indonesia, and of course the France where he lives. At the age of 27, Damien Groleau recorded two solo piano discs, "With You", a collection of jazz standards, and "Pawana" inspired by a novel by JMG Leclézio, which contains one hour of original music, was among others the subject of a criticism in the bi-monthly "Jazzman", and broadcast on France Musique ("Le Premier CD" Gaëlle Le Gallic).

Sylvain Dubrez

Jazz guitarist and double bass player born in 1983. In 2005, he composed and directed the soundtrack for the film "Saint Jacques ... La Mecque" by Coline Serreau and in spring 2006 produced the soundtrack for "l'École des Femmes" by Molière, also directed by Coline Serreau at the Théâtre de la Madeleine in Paris and on a national tour.

The same year began his collaboration with the French-Senegalese artist Meissa. The result is two albums, spaners TV and radio shows (France3, France Inter, France Culture, France Musique, ZDF ...) as well as a world tour that will pass through a dozen countries (Mali, Senegal, Egypt, Africa South, Paraguay, Haiti, Europe ...).

In 2008, after a South American parenthesis, he returned to Paris and from then on the double bass became his main instrument, he then completed his training with 3 renowned double bassists, Larry Grenadier, Reuben Rogers and John Hébert.

He became an active member of the Parisian music scene where he collaborated with many musicians such as Michel Perez, Didier Lockwood, Thomas Curbillon, Anthony Winzenrieth, Hervé Celcal, Fayçal Salhi, the group Rimendo (tours in Russia, Uzbekistan, South America ), Damien Groleau, Robby Marshall and many others ... This leads him to perform at numerous clubs and festivals in France and in Europe.

Nicolas Grupp

Originally from Montpellier, Nicolas Grupp became passionate about drums from the age of 13. Before his 18th birthday, he got his start in a rock group. He then trained at the Jam, a music school in Montpellier, where he began learning jazz, West African music but also West Indian music.

He traveled to Mali in 2005 and 2008 with his drums to play and learn the rhythms of the Tuaregs. On this occasion, he accompanies Tinariwen for two concerts and meets many Malian artists. To complete his training, Nicolas joined the school of Didier Lockwood, the CMDL, from which he graduated with the grade "very good".

Nicolas, now based in Paris, takes part in many jazz and world music projects. He performs in France but also abroad with artists such as: Jérome Barde, Raven, Levis Reinhardt, Robby Marshall, Justin Adams, Terakaft, Tamikrest… In festivals: Sziget, Glastonbury, Printemps de Bourges… And on tour in the United States, Asia, Russia and also in West Africa.

release year : 2018
total duration : 00:00


  • 01. So in Love (Live) 08:16
  • 02. First Song (Live) 06:15
  • 03. Continuum (Live) 08:35
  • 04. She's Gone (Live) 04:22
  • 05. Para Bebo (Bebo Valdès) (Live) 04:45
  • 06. Again (Live) 08:29
  • 07. Jump (Live) 06:34
  • 08. Home (Live) 04:30
  • 09. Wish (Live) 04:58

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